Monday, November 10, 2014

Comments from Brian

I asked Brian how he felt about the software after using it during WES - I told I would post his comments unedited and here they are

From Brian
Blog data.  One good feature, other than the obvious, is that you can see both the frequency and location of the target.  I saw a 3550 khz target in Seattle the other morning and knew not to waste my time with him as the target was out of range.  This would be a good feature for someone already an S.

Saturday, I got about 7 targets in about 1.5 hours.  Total targets on Sat = 13.
Sunday started slow.  Only got 1 target in morning.  Got 4 more, last two hours of WES.  Just worked off and on both days at a leisure pace.

1.  May want to have both manual update and auto-update.
2.  Manual update is good when you are going after a target.  You don't want the display changing on you.  I learned how to click on the displayed target after getting them and not having to fill out anything except the time, RST and power.
3.  The ability to have auto update, then change over to manual update would be good feature.

So that's what another hunter thinks of using QSO hunter to move along the quest for the holy grail or 'S'. 

He also sent me about 12 emails with various errors and things that are not quite working up to snuff and differences running the app on two different machines - so I am about to break out the Bondo and do some app repair (I use to replace bubblegum and bailing wire).

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