Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Machine, Back to Programming

After a bit of craziness, I have a new computer with almost everything moved over from the old machine. The old machine circa 1998, running XP and it was, you could say, slow. Well that is no longer a problem, new box has ASSUS Z97 motherboard, Intel 4790 CPU, 32 Gig of RAM, a 500 Gig SSD and a 1TB harddrive.The SSD has two partitions, one running windows 8.1 and the other will have some versions of Linux installed - to be determined at a latter date. To quote a friend after he had a brand new data center with room for over 2000 servers, I think this is adequate.
So much for BS, the program is taking shape quickly, the ability to screen SKCC members on the air for C, T or S is working. Spots can be selected from 5 min to 20 min. Clicking on a grid row with a callsign you wish to QSO with, opens a prepopulated QSO window, just add things such as RST sent and received, set the end time and add comments and things such as power. The prepopulated window shows Callsign, frequency, SKCC number, QTH, name and SPC. Then click save and into the log it goes.
Things to be done hopefully by the end of next week. Import of SKCC data and log info from other apps. Export of log in various formats. I will also try to migrate the database off of MySQL - after some conversations with some users, the end user should be database ignorant, the app should hide all of that. So I am aiming for a one click install.

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